Leonardo Manzari from WestMED Italy at Departibus 2024 on the main stage presenting results of Green Shipping technical group

WestMED at DEPORTIBUS 2024: the first European port festival

WestMED was highlighted at DEPORTIBUS 2024 ; the first European festival with 3 days celebrating port-related themes, including maritime exploration, sustainability, smart cities, and more.

Activities ranged from technical summits, guided tours and concerts to author meet-ups, regattas, and film screenings. The festival engaged at various locations across La Spezia-Italy, making it a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the city’s maritime spirit.

This first edition took place from 12-15 May 2024 and attracted more than 3000 participants, including representatives from more than 50 insitutions, more than 80 speakers and more than 10 port authorites from different parts of the world

On Saturday 11 May 2024, Leonardo Manzari from WestMED Italy and WestMED’s Green Shipping Technical Group, presented the Initiative and its activities on the main festival stage in La Spezia, Italy. It was a unique opportuniy to present the Initiative and its activities to other professionals and the public.

The DEPORTIBUS Festival is a dynamic event that travels to different cities each year, celebrating the global connections of ports. It’s like a maritime adventure that unfolds in various locations, Keep an eye out for announcements about next year’s host city—it could be anywhere from bustling coastal hubs to hidden gems! 

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