Community-led actions to restore our ocean, seas and waters | Deadline 18 Sept 2024

Deadline:  18 Sept 2024
Budget/ Technical Assistance:
€ 50.000.000
Countries/ regions:
a.o. all WestMED countries
More information:

This call aims to mobilize communities of actors across the European Union to take decisive action in restoring, protecting, and preserving our ocean, seas, and waters. The call will support community-led pilot actions and transition agendas, as well as provide technical assistance tailored to the needs of Mission communities. Community-led actions will focus on implementing innovative solutions that transcend traditional approaches, incorporating technological, nature-based, social, cultural, regulatory, and financial innovations.

Additionally, the call encourages collaboration with scientific institutions and the integration of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines to ensure the societal impact of innovation activities. Applicants are encouraged to foster partnerships with local stakeholders, NGOs, government agencies, and relevant actors to maximize the impact and scalability of their initiatives.