IMERMAID Open Call to safeguard the Mediterranean Sea from chemical pollution | Deadline: 10 September 2024

Deadline:  10 Sept 2024
Budget/ Technical Assistance: 
€ 400.000 (100.000 per project) | 9 months technical assistance
Countries/ regions:
a.o. Algeria, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Portugal Tunisia
More information: 


The iMERMAID project is thrilled to announce the launch of an open call for Associated Regions to participate in its groundbreaking initiative aimed at protecting the Mediterranean Sea basin from chemical pollution.

This open call invites regional and local public authorities located in EU Member States and Associated Regions to propose use cases that address their specific challenges and objectives, aligning with the goals of iMERMAID.

The selected projects should demonstrate the feasibility, replicability, and scalability of the iMERMAID solutions. In total, €400,000 will be invested in Open Call #1 to fund and support four associated regions projects that will join this vital mission.