front cover portuguese recovery and resilience plan

Portugal’s recovery and resilience plan purposes €252 million for Blue Economy

Portugal was the first Member-State to officially submit its recovery and resilience plan to the European Commission on the 22nd of April. The Plan focuses on resilience, climate, and digital transition, and it is divided into 20 main sections/areas, comprising 27 reforms and 83 investments.

 The Blue Economy is one of the 20 areas for investing, gathering a total amount of €252 million. The four investments are the Blue Hub, a Network of Infrastructures for the Blue Economy; The Green and Digital Transition and Fisheries security; the Atlantic Defence Operations Centre and Naval Platform; and the development of the Azores Blue Economy Cluster.

 The European Commission will assess the Portuguese Plan and wait for all Member-State to submit their recovery and resilience plans. “We will continue to engage intensively with the Member States to help them deliver high-quality plans. Our goal remains to adopt all plans by the summer. For the first payments to be made, we need all Member States to have approved the Own Resources Decision”, said President Ursula von der Leyen.

The Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan is available here.

The European Commission Press Release is available here.


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