EPICAH-Interreg WestMed Capitalization Living Labs

Within the framework of INTERREG IT-FR Marittimo/Maritime, a first and a second session Living Lab have been co-organized in Florence and La Spezia on 22 March, to allow capitalization among stakeholders which are already involved in projects focused on “Sustainable Tourism” and “Conservation, protection and development of natural and cultural resources”.

French National Hub at the Interreg Maritime 4th Call Info Day Italy-France

The French National hub participated to the Interreg Maritime Italy-France 4th call info day organised in Toulon (France), on 8 March 2019.

Two main axis will be open to submit collaborative projects no later than June 11, 2019 at 6.00 pm. The overall budget is € 13 million.

Axis 1: Promotion of business competitiveness in cross-border priority sectors

Strand 1: Projects for the acquisition of services by new companies 3.4M€

Strand 2: Projects for the acquisition of services by existing companies 5.2 M€

Axis 3: Improve the accessibility of territories and the sustainability of port activities

Strand 1: Projects to create a smart ICT service for the intermodal and cross-border mobility of passenger 2.2M€

Strand 2: Projects aiming at the creation of a cross-border Observatory for air quality monitoring in ports 2.2M€

The priority domains:

  • Boating – shipyard
  • Innovative and sustainable tourism
  • “blue and green” Biotechnologies
  • “blue and green” Renewable energies

The call package is available