System approach for grid planning and upgrade in support of a dominant electric mobility (vehicles and vessels) using AI tools | Deadline: 10 October 2023

Deadline: 10 October 2023
Budget: €11.000.000
Countries: Algeria,France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia
More information: funding and tender opportunities portal by the European Commission 

Expected outcomes

  • AI-based prediction of most convenient locations that optimize grid resources and upgrades around recharging pools for EVs and electric HDVs.
  •  Developing of spatial mapping models and software tool for location decision-making with a comprehensive focus, including major highways, industrial zones (depot charging), urban nodes (e.g., for overnight charging) and less-densely populated areas.
  • Simulation, analysis, design, test and demonstration of smart and bidirectional charging schemes and their integration into flexibility markets that allow to minimise the impact on grid planning and connection of high-power recharging pools for recharging EVs, and especially HDVs on more cost-intensive locations, and that ensure benefits to consumers based on smart charging energy service models.
  • Exploration of the impact of different charging methods, including cable-charging, wireless charging and electric road systems covering either catenary as inductive coils embedded in the road.
  • Analysis, design, testing and developing of a cyber security model that can simulate and accurately represent attack propagation from recharging infrastructure entry vectors, informing the development of efficient strategies and lines of defence to mitigate these vulnerabilities for the different relevant stakeholders.