Stephanie Vella at MMF

Dr. Stephanie Vella zooms in on the importance of sea basin partnerships at ESG Conference

On 16 February, 2023  a conference was organised by the Malta Maritime Forum tackling ESG from every angle including the legal, economic, banking, industry and financing implications. Dr. Stephanie Vella (WestMED National Hub Malta) was part of the panel providing an insight into the economic aspect of ESG and the use of EU funds in order to tackle in particular the environmental and social elements of ESG. Dr Vella highlighted the importance of building networks and partnerships over the sea-basin and the role of the Westmed in this regard.

There can be little doubt that ESG is changing the shape of business across all economic sectors and the maritime industry is certainly no exception. The industry and all players within it must be adequately prepared to ensure it can face the challenge and responsibilities in an effective manner. In this way, ESG becomes an opportunity rather than a cost because it gives the operator an edge over the competition.


For more information, contact Stephanie Vella at  National Hub Malta