WestMED's Samir Bachouche presenting at the University of Chlef aquaculture workshop

Samir Bachouche (WestMED National Hub) presenting ‘the development of aquaculture in Algeria’ at the University of Chlef

On September 25, 2023, Samir Bachouche was a keynote speaker at the University of Chlef event ‘Aquaculture in Algeria: investment opportunities and challenges.’

Samir Bachouche is an expert in the field of Aquaculture and fisheries. Next to his involvement as WestMED’s National Hub, he is also a marine scientist at the National Centre for Research and Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CNRDPA) in Algeria.

This is an excerpt of his presentation on the’ development of aquaculture in Algeria between challenges and opportunities’

Aquaculture in Algeria has seen steady growth over the past few decades but still faces many challenges to realize its full potential. Aquaculture production increased from 7,500 tonnes in 2000 to 18,000 in 2020. The main species farmed are seabream, seabass, oysters, mussels, and shrimp. While Algeria has favorable conditions for aquaculture development, including a long coastline and abundant water resources, the sector still needs to be developed compared to its regional counterparts.

The Algerian government has identified aquaculture as a priority economic diversification and growth sector. However, several constraints have hindered the expansion of aquaculture in Algeria. These include lack of financing and investment, limited technical capacity, inadequate infrastructure, and difficulties accessing land and water resources. Stringent regulations and bureaucracy have also impeded the growth of the sector.

At the same time, rising seafood demand coupled with declining wild catches represents a significant opportunity for the growth of Algerian aquaculture. Adopting innovative technologies and production methods could boost yields and competitiveness. There is also potential to expand aquaculture into inland and desert areas using recirculating aquaculture systems and integrating aquaculture with agriculture.

More research, training, and public-private partnerships are needed to develop Algeria’s modern, sustainable aquaculture sector. Key focus areas include improving regulatory frameworks, access to financing, integration with global value chains, and developing hatcheries and feed mills to improve productivity and biosecurity. If challenges can be properly addressed, aquaculture has bright prospects to provide Algeria with food security, employment and economic opportunities.

For more information on this event, aquaculture or the Sustainable Blue Economy, contact Samir Bachouche (WestMED National Hub Algeria)

Group picture with Samir Bachouche at the Aquaculture event organised by the University of Chlef

infographic on the Blue economy in Algeria