Maximising Synergies amongst EU Blue Initiatives | 30 May 2024 | Svendborg, Denmark

30 May 2024 - 30 May 2024

Poster announcing sea basin synergies workshop at EMD2024

This workshop is part of the European Maritime Day 2024 and is organised by the EU sea Basins Assistance Mechanism – that includes the WestMED
Time: 30 May 2024 | 15:00-16:15

This workshop at EMD2024 will focus on the power of synergies between the three EU Sea Basin Strategies and what’s in store for the years to come.

It is organised by the EU sea Basins Assistance Mechanism, responsible for implementing the EU Sea Basin Strategies for the Western Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea.

We will explore how the EU Sea Basins Assistance Mechanism as a “transversal” initiative in each region (Atlantic, Western Mediterranean and the Black Sea) has supported, and can further enhance, an effective cooperation between various “thematic” EU initiatives – e.g. in the areas of Aquaculture, Maritime Spatial Planning, Energy Transition, S3, etc.

As a result of this workshop, which aims to bring together a wide diversity of experts and practitioners from various sectors, a number of concrete actions for further cooperation will be identified. These will include cooperation on funding and project development support, coordinated inputs towards policy recommendations and stakeholder engagement.

Matteo Bocci from the EU Sea Basins Assistance Mechanism will be moderating.


  • Olga Mashkina – EU4OCEAN Coalition
  • Margherita Zorgno – Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership
  • Ana Peralta Baptista – Energy Transition Partnership

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