WestMED Malta presents three blue skills project ideas at the scientific SEA-EU conference in Malta

On 10 June 2024, the multidisciplinary scientific SEA-EU conference was held  at the University of Malta in Valletta.

The Observatory for Sustainable Blue Economy (OSBE) within the SEA-EU invited the Maltese National Hub to present an overview of the WestMED initiative as part of their conference

The WestMED National hub Malta, represented by Stephanie Vella, explained the main objectives of the WestMED and highlighted the synergies which exist in terms of the research areas discussed by members of OSBE and the priority areas of the WestMED

The National Hub also presented three specific project ideas related to Blue Skills. These emanated from the WestMED hackathon held in Malta and are relevant for SEA-EU, highlighting the importance of identifying skills shortages, the role of educational institutions, as well as the importance of knowledge transfer across the Mediterranean.

The OSBE seeks to create a framework for longitudinal research projects across partners, countries and industries related to the transition of the blue economy.  The platform includes environment and human related data research and technology transfer, education, blue jobs, industry related information and the identification of best practices and case studies which are extremely relevant to Westmed stakeholders.

For more information about this presentation and the project ideas, contact Stephanie Vella from the WestMED national hub Malta: malta@westmed-initiative.ec.europa.eu