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The WestMED Assistance Mechanism reinforces its team in 2023

The new phase in the Assistance Mechanism, whereby all three sea basin strategies will be supported by one Assistance Mechanism, is enhanced by a reinforcement of the current WestMED team.

On the management side, Javier Fernández, previously the WestMED project manager, is now the overall project leader overseeing the implementation of all three sea basin strategies. This role will ensure an effective joint coordination among the three regions, facilitating the exchanges of good practices, creating synergies and increasing the outreach and visibility of the initiative.

Celia Murcia, has become the WestMED sea basin coordinator. She is a blue economy expert  with 10 years of international experience in project management in public institutions, private consultancy, research entities and international organisations within the Blue Economy sectors.

From the National Hubs’ perspective, the new experts joining the WestMed Assistance Mechanism team are:

Lahbib Latrach (Dr) will be the new expert for the Moroccan Hub. He holds a PhD in environment and sustainability and has broad experience in the academic and industrial sectors. Contracted by the Assistance Mechanism, his extensive experience with international sustainability – and blue projects will prove to be a great asset.

Stephanie Bugeja, will support Stephanie Vella at the National Hub Malta. She holds an Msc in Environmental Sciences and has worked in the Maltese energy sector.

Gabriele Galassi, will support Marta Pascual at the National Hub in Spain. Gabriele is a Political Science junior consultant specialized in EU public policy and governance.

Cristian Chiavetta, will be joining the Italian National Hub as off March 1, 2023. He is an environmental engineer and expert in the circular economy. Cristian will support Leonardo Manzari in representing the WestMED Assistance Mechanism in Italy

For an overview of the whole team, visit the Assistance Mechanism page