• La economía azul genera 300.000 empleos en Andalucía

    2 juin 2021 Communication team

    Source: Málago hoy La economía azul, es decir, la relacionada con mares y océanos; genera en Andalucía 300.000 empleos y 17.000 millones de euros, lo que supone un 10,5% del PIB de la región, sólo dos puntos menos que el turismo. Estas son los principales datos que se extraen del informe La Economía Azul en Andalucía que ha elaborado […]

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  • MSP as booster for Blue Economy – Ensuring a coherent planning across the Western Mediterranean region

    1 juin 2021 Communication team

    The WestMED – MSPglobal joint webinar, held on May 11th 2021, focused on advancing a step closer to a Mediterranean MSP perspective, a perspective of collaboration, coexistence and synergetic relationship between the different components of the maritime sectors. The main objective of this event was to examine different forms of governance relating to MSP and […]

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  • WestMED Green Shipping Technical Group: first meeting among subgroups of stakeholders interested in priority actions

    31 mai 2021 Communication team

    The ultimate mission of the WestMED Assistance Mechanism (WMAM) is to provide support for the adoption and implementation of the Blue Economy agenda « Framework for Action ». To reach the main goals established in the FfA, the WMAM has developed multiple actions and tools over time, including support to new project proposals or the promotion of […]

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  • WestMED at the ASSOITTICA Sea Food Trade Show 2021

    Communication team

    The first edition of the international digital fishery and aquaculture exhibition, organised by the Italian association ASSOITTICA, took place on 20-21 May. With over 90 virtual exhibitors from South-Eastern Asia to Alaska, from Chile to Mauritania, as well as a high quality programme of seminars and workshops, the WestMED Initiative was invited to have an […]

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  • 2021 EU Blue Economy report – Emerging sectors prepare blue economy for leading part in EU green transition

    22 mai 2021 Communication team

    The European Commission has published the fourth edition of “The EU Blue Economy Report”, providing an overview of the performance of the EU-27 economic sectors related to oceans and the coastal environment. The sector directly employed close to 4.5 million people in 2018 and generated around €650 billion in turnover and €176 billion in gross […]

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