• Report: The Parliamentarian’s guide to protecting the Mediterranean Sea and coast

    29 avril 2024 Communication team

    Source: UN Environment website Members of parliaments play a pivotal role in transposing Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) into enforceable national law. The Barcelona Convention and its Protocols are a case in point: how can a newly elected parliamentarian be expected to instantly find their way through a myriad of legally binding provisions, including Regional Action […]

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  • EU Sea Basins Strategies featured at the European Maritime Day 2024

    23 avril 2024 Communication team

    Set against the picturesque backdrop of Svendborg, Denmark, this annual event, hosted at the International Maritime Academy (SIMAC), promises to be enlighting for the maritime world. On May 30-31, EMD 2024 will attract Ocean Leaders from across Europe to converge, deliberate, and establish collaborations focused on addressing pressing challenges and promising opportunities within the blue […]

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  • WestMED Success Story. Tackling invasive species: a successful Italian-Tunisian approach with Bleu Adapt and ARIBiotech

    8 avril 2024 Communication team

    Tackling invasive species is one of the main lines of action by the European Commission (EC) on protection of marine ecosystems and its biodiversity, and it and is especially applicable to the Mediterranean Basin. The introduction of these organisms into ports, coastal areas, and watersheds is damaging aquatic ecosystems worldwide, with estimated direct costs in […]

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  • Collaboration between WestMED Malta and the International Ocean Institute, headquartered in Malta

    6 avril 2024 National Hub Malta

    On April 4 2024, the Maltese WestMED National Hub, Dr. Stephanie Vella and Ms. Stephanie Bugeja, met with the International Ocean Institute (IOI), represented by Ms. Antonella Vassallo, its managing director and their project officer Mr Cosmin Nicolae Chivu. Since its foundation in 1972 by Professor Elisabeth Mann Borghese, the IOI has grown into a […]

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  • Report: State of the art and future Development of Blue Economy – Tunisia

    17 mars 2024 National Hub Tunisia

    This report focuses on the ‘Sustainable Blue Economy’ in Tunisia’s maritime space, taking into consideration the traditional sectors and the emerging sectors, the main challenges and how it can enhance the tourism sector. The document is structured in 8 chapters. the concept of the Blue Economy and Tunisia’s maritime assets the state of play of […]

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