MedFund/ MedPAN Call for Interest – Managing MPAs | Deadline 30 June 2023

Deadline: 30 June, 2023
Budget: USD 50-60K
Countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia – Albania, Lebanon, Montenegro

The MedFund’s mission is to support the long-term recurrent costs of managing Marine Protected Areas.

Eligible activities:

  • Co-management activities,
  • Salaries1(excluding administrative salaries),
  • Equipment and infrastructure maintenance, and small equipment purchases,
  • Surveillance and enforcement,
  • Active governance and stakeholder participation,
  • Awareness raising and communication,
  • Scientific monitoring (3 conservation targets),
  • Management activities for the protection of the conservation targets,
  • Promotion/support of socio-economic activities,
  • Consideration of climate change,
  • Gender approach: how to promote gender equality,
  • Establishment of income-generating activities for the MPA


For information and elgibility criteria visit the dedicated MedFund webpage