WestMED Clusters Alliance at SEAFUTURE 2023 | 8 June | La Spezia, Italy

08 June 2023 - 08 June 2023

Promotion poster for clusters workshops at SeaFuture2023

The WestMED National Hub Italy, in collaboration with the Italian national clusters will organise two important WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance workshops at SEAFUTURE 2023

Room 2

9:30 Achievements and developments of maritime clusters as drivers of Blue Economy Initiatives.   The WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance will take center stage with its achievements and a look at the road ahead- both North-South and South-South This will be with the active participation of all clusters present in La Spezia as exhibitors and/or visitors (some in remote mode), including the Tunisian Maritime Cluster and the newly born Mauritanian Maritime Cluster.

14:30 Best Practices and experience exhange between Italian and the Portuguese maritime Clusters.  The focus will be on the potential synergies between Italy and Portugal, taking inspiration from the strong move of Portugal to put the Blue Economy at the center of its national development strategies whereas Italy is currently preparing its National Plan of the Sea.