Towards an Italian Supply Chain for Desalination | 8 November 2023 | Rimini, Italy

08 November 2023 - 08 November 2023

announcement poster WestMED desalination workshop at EcoMondo 2023 in rimini Italy ecomondo

Desalination is both an important and urgent topic. This became very clear during both the Italian-Maltese WestMED national event in Catania and the WestMED workshop at the Blue Planet Economy expoforum in Rome.

The organisers (WestMED Italy, ART-ER, BIG and Federazione del Mare) have now decided to take the next step by exploring the possibility of creating a stakeholder working goup as a first step to develop an Italian supply chain for desalination.

We therefore invite you to join us for a 1 hour session in Rimini on November 8 at Ecomondo 2023 in Rimini at the stand of our partner HUB della Blue Economy Emilia-Romagna (ART-ER)

(Pad B6/ Stand 11)


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