Path to decarbonisation of the blue economy: cross-sea basin synergies | 24 May 2023 | Brest, France

24 May 2023 - 24 May 2023

Cargo ship at the middle of the seaThe full decarbonisation of the blue economy is a relevant and cross-cutting challenge for the EU and its neighbouring countries.

By taking advantage of the recently established Sea basins Assistance Mechanism contract, the workshop offers a unique opportunity to discuss the support provided by the EU sea basin strategies in the Atlantic, WestMED and Black Sea.

In a first part of the discussions, a number of relevant success stories are shared as concrete deliverables and contributions towards the implementation of the EU sea basin support – i.e. towards fostering a full decarbonisation of the blue economy.

In the second part of the discussions, a reflection on the best way forward for a strengthened cooperation amongst the sea basins will also be facilitated, to accelerate a fully sustainable blue economy across the EU.

As a result of the Workshop, relevant opportunities for stronger cross-sea basin coordination and synergies, both at the policy as well as technical levels, will be identified – i.e. amongst stakeholders, projects but also Steering Groups. This way it will be possible to further streamline overall cross-sea basins cooperation across the EU towards decarbonisation.

Overall Moderator and conclusions : Javier Fermandez Sea Basins Assistance Mechanism Team Leader

Round table chair : Matteo Bocci Sea Basins Assistance Mechanism Synergies and Networking Work Package Leader


Marisa Lameiras da Silva, Portuguese Directorate-General Maritime Policy, Director (Atlantic Strategy Committee, Presidency)

Isabelle Perret Environment and Europe Adviser (acting) at General Secretariat for the Sea (WestMED Initiative, National Coordinator)

Alexandra Bogdan, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director Analysis Division (Black Sea Common Maritime Agenda, Presidency and National Coordinator)

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This workshop is part of the European Maritime Day (EMD).  For more information and registration visit the EMD website