OceanPrediction online kick-off meeting | 11-12 January 2023 | Online

11 January 2023 - 12 January 2023

event announcement poster with title and blurred sea waves

We want to give every citizen on our blue planet the power to understand what is happening or will happen in our ocean, and ultimately to our planet.” – Pierre Bahurel, Director General of Mercator Ocean International 

OceanPrediction is a global community, aiming to provide ocean forecasters with a unified voice, rooted in collaboration and co-creation. Serving the UN Decade objectives, OceanPrediction will raise ocean literacy and public engagement, while providing standards, best-practices and tools to build an ocean science-to-service global framework centred on the principles of accessibility, interoperability and integration.

OceanPrediction kick-off meeting will be an interactive event centered on community building and the connection of different sectors and activities. It will comprise live conferences, roundtables, regional discussions, permanently opened halls with virtual booths and many networking features allowing our community to connect.

For more information and registration, visit the event webpage