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Collaboration between WestMED Malta and the International Ocean Institute, headquartered in Malta

On April 4 2024, the Maltese WestMED National Hub, Dr. Stephanie Vella and Ms. Stephanie Bugeja, met with the International Ocean Institute (IOI), represented by Ms. Antonella Vassallo, its managing director and their project officer Mr Cosmin Nicolae Chivu.

Since its foundation in 1972 by Professor Elisabeth Mann Borghese, the IOI has grown into a world leading independent, non-governmental non-profit organisation conducting training and capacity building in Ocean Governance with the aim of creating knowledgeable future leaders. It has a tremendous network of 10 centres and 21 focal points around the world, and is headquartered in Malta.

The IOI enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and consultative status at some of UN’s Specialized Agencies

The scope of the meeting was to explore areas of collaboration between the WestMED and IOI. Especially because ‘improved maritime governance’ is one of WestMED’s leading goals. The identified areas are mainly related to helping IOI’s vast ocean governance knowledge and networks expand to the wider WestMED region, find potential funding opportunities to allow better access through scholarships and mutually promote each other’s initiatives for the benefit of stakeholders in the region.

IOI trains young and mid-career practitioners in contemporary approaches to coastal and ocean management, with an emphasis on the moral, ethical and legal values in Ocean Governance (equity and peaceful uses of the ocean). As a knowledge-based institution the IOI offers a number of training courses which can benefit stakeholders within the WestMED.

Of particular importance is the training programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black,  Baltic and Caspian seas; organised in close collaboration with the University of Malta. Next to this, the IOI also organises the Ocean Academy Course on Ocean literacy in order to empower stakeholders become more active and positively influence their communities and beyond. These courses are offered periodically through the year.

Last but not least, IOI produces publications on current scientific, legal and policy developments and participates in the development of national and international ocean governance agendas, whereby WestMED’s experience can be of great use.

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Overview of IOI publications
Overview of IOI’s World Ocean Review editions.  Visit the website to download free of charge