westmed assistance mechanism team at booth euromaritime 2020 - France

The Algeria National Hub joins the WestMED stand at Euromaritime

On 5 February 2020, the Algeria National Hub of the WestMED Initiative has participated to the side event organized by the French National Hub at the Euromaritime 2020 in Marseille in collaboration with “les Énergies de la Mer”. This event was dedicated to the presentation of activities of different stakeholders at the national level (France, Italy and Algeria) and also regional players such as Plan Bleu. The Algeria National Hub has presented through “Blue economy, MSP challenges and strategy for Algeria” how the international projects and programmes such as WestMed Initiative can accelerate the Blue Economy process by identifying and boosting relevant partnerships.

This event was a relevant opportunity for the Algeria National Hub to exchange with the other partners and new opportunity of collaboration have been identified, in particular:

1) Through the France National Hub with training (UBO HOMERe project labelled by the UfM, and employment support (La Touline). These two partners may support the national process of developing blue skills in Algeria and also be part in next submissions on project dedicated to capacity building on Blue economy.

2) Through the Italy National Hub on Clean maritime transport (CIELI – University of Genoa) with the Interreg project France-Italy TDI RETE-LNG. This could be an example and basis for further discussions in Algeria about Small LNG.