• The WestMED Assistance Mechanism reinforces its team in 2023

    31 January 2023 Communication team

    The new phase in the Assistance Mechanism, whereby all three sea basin strategies will be supported by one Assistance Mechanism, is enhanced by a reinforcement of the current WestMED team. On the management side, Javier Fernández, previously the WestMED project manager, is now the overall project leader overseeing the implementation of all three sea basin […]

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  • Meet the WestMED Assistance Mechanism at the Salon Halieutis 2023 in Agadir

    30 January 2023 Communication team

    The salon Halieutis is the international meeting place for the fisheries and aquaculture sector. The WestMED Assistance Mechanism will be present at the stand of the European Union where you can meet the WestMED Hub representatives from Morocco and Mauritania. It will offer a unique opportunity to learn about this Initiative that is funded by […]

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  • The Community of Practice on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) for the Mediterranean has been launched!

    27 January 2023 Communication team

    Brussels, January 26, 2022. During the Hackathon organised by the WestMED Assistance Mechanism in Malta on June 30th 2022 and a couple of meetings under MSPMED project, the relevant stakeholders discussed about the creation of an open Community of Practice for exchange on MSP in the framework of the WestMED Initiative and supported by CINEA […]

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  • Four years of practical support to a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Western Mediterranean

    Communication team

    In the past 4 years (2018-2022), the WestMED Assistance Mechanism has accomplished a lot to be proud of. It helped secure 50 million euros in funding alone for all kinds of different projects that contribute to the WestMED Initiative’s main objective to develop and strengthen a sustainable blue economy in the region. It also helped […]

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  • The EU Sea Basin Strategies for the Western Mediterranean, Atlantic and Black Sea have joined forces

    26 January 2023 Communication team

    The European Commission has been supporting the establishment and implementation of three sea basin strategies in the Atlantic, the Black Sea and the Western Mediterranean. In May 2021, the European Commission adopted a new approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU that sets out a detailed agenda for the blue economy to play […]

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