SUMMIT4OCEANS Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event | 18-19 May 2021 | Online

18 mai 2021 - 19 mai 2021

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The SUMMIT4OCEANS Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event aims to involve and sensitize Companies, Governments, Administrations and Citizens in the Blue Economy, in short, the whole of society, and Seville and its area of influence. The initiative, co-organized by Fibes Sevilla, is part of the project of the Andalusian capital city council to promote innovation, technology and sustainable development in Spain, with a clear international vocation.

The Blue Economy, based on the development of the oceans and their environment, aspires both to ecological sustainability and economic growth. The Summit will address the economic and social opportunities generated by a new industry, through the development of ecosystem goods and services from the reconstruction of the marine environment and the wealth that it generates. An opportunity to promote the Blue Economy, based on the sustainable development of the oceans.


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