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CLUSTER Policy Report – Blue economy as an opportunity for enhancing youth and women’s employment in the Mediterranean


Source: enicbcmed website

In a move towards addressing youth unemployment, the CLUSTER project published its policy report focusing on the Blue Economy (BE) in the Mediterranean. The report underscores the pivotal role of sustainable ocean resource management in creating employment opportunities, particularly for the youth and women in the region. These are its key findings:

  1. Youth Employment Potential: With over a million BE-related jobs available in the Mediterranean, the sector, encompassing Blue Growth and Blue Tech, emerges as a promising avenue for youth employment. Aquaculture, fisheries, and tourism are identified as key sectors.
  2. Barriers to Growth: The report outlines financing and skills development as major hurdles to the sector’s expansion.
  3. Career Opportunities: Diverse career opportunities within the Blue Economy are presented, emphasizing the encouraging outlook for youth employment.
  4. Gender Disparities: Despite women playing pivotal roles in certain blue sectors, gender disparities persist, especially in maritime fields.

The policy report advocates for an action plan targeting regional policymakers to implement inclusive youth employment schemes in the Blue Economy sectors. Key strategies include substantial investment in blue careers and skills, leveraging European funding programs, and adapting learning schemes to modern needs.

Read the full report here.