• European Maritime Day 2019: Fórum Oceano promove workshop sobre o projeto SAFER

    14 May 2019 Communication team

    No âmbito do projeto SAFER – Smart Atlantic Seafood Clusters, cofinanciado pelo programa Interreg Espaço Atlântico, a Fórum Oceano irá promover o Workshop “Seafood as key sector for Blue Growth in the EU Regions”, no dia 17 de maio, pelas 09h00. A sessão enquadra-se na programação do European Maritime Day, que terá lugar no Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, nos dias […]

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  • Le Sommet des deux rives, Forum de la Méditerranée

    9 May 2019 Communication team

    Fruit d’une initiative du Président de la République, le Sommet des deux rives, Forum de la Méditerranée, se tiendra à Marseille les 23 et 24 juin 2019. Au terme d’un exercice inédit de consultation de la société civile méditerranéenne, il a pour ambition de relancer la dynamique de coopération en Méditerranée occidentale par la mise […]

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  • Thematic tables in Rome

    4 May 2019 National Hub Italy

    The aim of these roundtables has been to create an occasion for Italian stakeholders to know each other, exchange areas of interest, experiences and skills, projects submitted and in pipeline. In fact through a better reciprocal knowledge, they will reduce cases of overlapping projects submitted for the same call and funding programme, instead increase integration among project ideas and improve their quality, strengthen partnerships, better distribute areas of specialization and development at national level, clearer definition of stakeholders’ roles as project leaders and  partners, also considering the relevant financial capacities, to better express their views in the proper functioning of the funding programme, the call, etc.

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  • Fórum Oceano promove sessão sobre iniciativa WestMED na região do Algarve

    2 May 2019 Communication team

    Enquanto ponto focal nacional do mecanismo de assistência técnica à Iniciativa WestMED, a Fórum Oceano promoveu uma sessão de trabalho no Algarve, reunindo os stakeholders da região. O encontro teve lugar no dia 2 de maio, na CCDR Algarve, tendo como objetivo divulgar a Iniciativa, nomeadamente, âmbito, objetivos, plano de ação e temas prioritários, e conhecer os interesses dos atores […]

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  • What is the future around Blue Jobs?

    Communication team

    On the 30th of April our Spanish National Hub Marta Pascual gave a talk to 20 High School Students of Bilbao, Spain, about future job opportunities around Blue Jobs.   The talk covered what Blue Jobs exist today, what are the existing learning pathways to arrive to those jobs, what skills are highly demanded for […]

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