Opportunities and challenges for Blue SMEs and Maritime regions | 25 January 2023 | Brussels

25 January 2023 - 25 January 2023

Searica event announcement poster

Blue SMEs, active in sectors such as marine renewable energy, shipping, fisheries and aquaculture, coastal tourism and marine biotechnology, are vital to the long-term success of the blue economy and the sustainable development of maritime regions.

However, many businesses in these sectors are facing barriers to growth and are currently under great pressure because of the reduced energy supply and price increase caused by the present geopolitical situation. In addition, they are expected to keep pace with the green and digital transition and adapt their business models to new needs and requirements.

While the existence of funding schemes supporting blue SMEs and start-ups at the EU, national and regional levels, is very positive and signalises the importance of the SME ecosystem for Europe’s economy, the fragmentation and complexity of the funds lead to difficulties in their access.

In this context, it is important to provide concrete answers on how blue SMEs can overcome barriers and make use of digitalisation and greening opportunities.

This event, hosted by MEP Cutajar, SEArica Vice-Chair for SMEs and Digitalisation, will be the occasion to showcase the digitalisation challenges faced by blue SMEs and engage in a discussion on the available opportunities and ways to unlock their potential and fully support their development.

Location: European Parliament Brussels
Registration deadline: 16 January 2023

For more information and registration, visit the event webpage on the Searica website